Thanks For The Ride, People. Stay Tuned! For More…


Look at that beauty! I started the blog on the 22nd, wrote the Westboro article on the 24th (for some reason the traffic hit a day afterwards), registered exactly 0 upvotes on Reddit and then BAM!

I’m glad I got the word out. Reddit got the word out twice, as I got referrals from the reddit/new section twice with 24 hours between them.

Clearly Westboro is going to find some novel excuse to fight this clear damnation off. Or chances are they won’t even bother. But it was an interesting *aha!* moment during math class, when the topic on Turing came up.

Today, as I do every Tuesday and Thursday, I’m giving English tutorials to the little girl with Catholic parents. It usually gives me a lot of flak and ammo for my writing.

Every day I read insane pseudoscientific claims picked up by the media and thrown into people’s faces because of their dramatic value. That also gives me a hell of a lot of ammo to write about.

Over 1000 views for one article is pretty nice for me (I can only imagine what the Scobleizer gets, but it gives me great pleasure to say that at one point yesterday the post was higher up in popularity on than Scoble’s article about Google or something or other). It gives me the fleeting hope that there’s a clock ticking for those bastards in Westboro, and that eventually (sooner than later) it’ll run out.

I reiterate my passion for science, reason, evidence and rationality. I hope that those who don’t identify with these humanistic values will at the very least give them a chance in the future.

So, hoping I didn’t sound too much like a cocky bastard, thanks!


6 Responses

  1. I think it is because it showed up in the links when you log into WordPress late. I was wondering why the post was there when he was written a day or so ago! LOL

  2. I don’t know! It was very strange. I found that much later on I had a lot of referrals from wp-admin’s as the Top Posts of the Day turned up in people’s Dashboards.

    The first few, I imagine, came to find it through the tag system. I imagine the one for ‘religion’, which is fairly popular. After that, and with the response, it kind of just snowballed.

  3. congrats,

    I have an interesting topic to suggest.

    As I am sure you are aware there is a lot of similarity between the sacrifice of Christ on the cross to pre-historical pagan religions and blood cults. How is that this jarring coincidence is so often overlooked? How or why would a all powerful god need to resort to human sacrifice in order to carry out his will? Couldn’t he just be big enough to forgive humanity for its sin and be over with it?

    If I sound jaded at all its because I am a bit. These where always my biggest questions about Christianity. Even though I was raised in a Christian home I never bought the indoctrination because the BS, never passed the smell test.

  4. Hm! I’ll look into pre-Christian pagan faiths. I wonder what pre-Columbian faiths in North America were like, including the menial little details, just to examine for parallels.

    Time to hit Wikipedia.

  5. Gregor-

    It is because Christians will not hear of it. Pagans always try to enlighten those about the origins of many of Christianity’s Myths and Lore…but everytime the Christians usually either ignore it or call them blasphemers and liars. I know…I was one of those Pagans for a long time (only recently have I really embraced Buddhism).

    Eltower…you CAN find the similarities almost anywhere on the net. The information is out there if you are determined to find it. Just make sure you are reading something that has a basis and not some quack (as I have confidence you will be able to know the difference).

  6. It really is an interesting connection. Amazing how much each religion had borrowed from other religions of the past.

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