Low Blows With Michael Behe

Michael Behe, one of the key proponents to the intelligent design hypothesis, was asked by Time to write a bio on Richard Dawkins.

I was expecting a diatribe and rant, but found it to be surprisingly muted with few, if any, personal stabs.

Then came the Behe we all know and love, in his own blog, where he clarifies that his reasonable piece in Time was an amputated version of his original, which he posts, and, with no shame, slams The God Delusion for not being Intelligent Design centric instead of, in fact, writing a bio on Dawkins.



2 Responses

  1. Behe has never exactly been the most intellectually honest person. He has something of a track record of making claims without doing any research into them as well as off-handedly dismissing research he hasn’t even bothered to read.

    In short, the man is a fool with an overblown sense of arrogance.

  2. I was positively stunned that Time would pick him to write for Dawkins.

    I just don’t know what to say. It’s like getting bin Laden to write about the Pope.

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