Creation Scientists Working On Their Research Project


Al: Creation Biochemist, PhD.

Ted: Creation Biologist, MSc

working on their research grant to investigate the origin of the universe. 


Al and Ted are sitting on stools in their lab. The Bible is open on Ted’s left. A picture of Darwin is hung up on the door, covered in dart holes. 

AL: Hypothesis: God created the universe in six days.

TED: Evidence? Book of Genesis. Look, here, it says so.

AL: Oh my, so it does.

TED: So it does.

AL: Hypothesis is accepted then.

TED: Yeah…

AL: Good.

TED: Sweet.

(awkward silence) 

AL: Hey, umm, I’d love to stay and chat, but I’ve got this viral video to make that’ll convince people that God made the universe.

TED: Didn’t we just conclusively prove He did though?

AL: Unfortunately, it seems, our rigorous scientific methodology is not convincing enough for heathen Darwinians.

TED: Alright then. Here, take this banana, you’ll need it.



6 Responses

  1. HAHAHA Yea….DH showed me the Banana Vid. I think I have some ocean front property in AZ to sell these people if that is what they really believe…

  2. Heh, ocean front property in Arizona 😀

  3. You had me for a second there. I actually thought some creationists were going to try to do research or something.

  4. You might be able to look a little deeper than this. The Creation Science Institute of California has some great minds doing some great work but of course it is always easier to poke fun at things you don’t make any effort to understand.
    I was once like you.
    Interestesting to read your foolish blogs.
    Jesus said that he would have gathered the people under his wings like a mother chicken but they would not have him and he wept over the city. I think God’s heart must break over people like you because he loves you so much and yet you have no comprehension of that love.

  5. check out

  6. sloggy: I’ve read Genesis. I’ve read the claims of Creation. My scientific education can only force me to consider the claims and postulations of any hypothesis and examine the evidence in favour or against (or lack thereof).

    Creation is only tenable from Scriptural arguments, and even then there’s the uncomfortable question of all the other stories of Creation. There’s no reason the Bible is a better account of Creation than Nordic tales other than power in numbers.

    Creation is completely untenable from a scientific perspective. In fact, leafing through the research projects the Institute for Creation Research sponsors, I’ve noticed one common theme. All the research projects are based on looking for evidence which might refute evolution. I warn you this is absolutely contrary to the principles of science. Science advances on finding evidence and adapting models, something which a dogmatic Creationist is clearly incapable of doing, since they’re predisposed to a conclusion and they look for evidence not to prove their conclusion, but to disprove another one.

    And finally, it seems only obvious to state that even if evolution were to be dragged through the mud with new evidence, there’s nothing to say that Biblical Creationism is the only other alternative.

    Biblical Creationism is no more scientific than tarot card reading, and the premises it requires are fallacious and an intellectual effrontery.

    On a side note, I very much doubt that even if there were a supernatural Omnipotent, Omniscient Being, he required the ‘love’ of his creations. It doesn’t say much for his Omniscience or Omnipotence if he absolutely needs the unwavering attention of each and every human being on the planet in order to do his job properly.

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