Well How About That? A Moral Atheist

OK, here’s the thing. Within the next two weeks updates will be even scarcer than they are now. Reason is as follows.

I’m going to go to Hanoi, Vietnam, to teach English at a school for blind kids, as purely voluntary work.

Well look at that. A moral atheist. They come in six-packs you know.

Hanoi is a fairly modern Southeast Asian city and (apparently) there are cybercafés on each street corner. Whenever I find a break from helping out blind kids I might pop in there and check my Facebook.

Vietnam is a country under a totalitarian communist regime. However, the principal religious orientation is Buddhism, and society, more so in Hanoi, is bathed in deep Confucianism. I am bound to find interesting things to write about, and I will take a lot of pictures (I promise!).

So don’t fret if I don’t post. I hope my readership (all 3 of you) will sit tight and wait until I get back for more, and hopefully I’ll find time once I’m there anyway.

Have a good one!


13 Responses

  1. Best of luck in Vietnam. Glad to hear your keeping up with this blog.

  2. Good for you and those kids. 🙂 Have a good time and make sure to write asap!

  3. Sounds exciting! Have a great time! And please do take lots of pictures, because I think South East Asia is beautiful.

  4. Thank you very much! It means a lot to me to have 3 readers 🙂

    I’ll write as soon as I can and I’ll take mucho pictures.

  5. Hi eltower. Make your readers four. (I just read, I don’t comment much).
    @Taylor: South-East Asia is beauttiful, true. I live here, in the Philippines.
    @eltower: Of course, there are moral atheists! Non-atheists perceive us as devil-worshippers and carriers of evil, but we’re not right?
    Enjoy yourself in Hanoi. Ciao.

  6. Best wishes and take care

    – reader 5

  7. Reader #6…

    nothing more to say, except… good luck!

  8. Gee, thanks everyone!

    If anyone’s in Hanoi a meetup would be cool. Just drop a line in the Gospel email!: gospelofreason -~-> at -~-> gmail.com

    I’m off in a couple of hours via Paris sooo,



  9. Reader #7…
    I’m from Malaysia, but doubt you can stop by. I haven’t commented much, mainly coz you do a good job of defending your views, which I mainly share and I didn’t feel the need to help. 🙂

    (I do think global warming is real, and that smokers should be errr… done bad things to. :p)

  10. Have fun being helpful. What has morality got to do with religion anyway? Or should this be What has religion to do with morality anyway?

  11. I think I count as a reader, too.

  12. Do I count? 🙂

  13. Finally back! I never should have left it. Posting resumes in 5…

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