Pragmatic Carpe Diemism

What the hell is pragmatic carpe diemism?

Well, to be honest, it doesn’t really mean anything to people other than myself. But it came in a moment of minor Zen meaning as a very accurate term to describe the way I look at the world.

Rather than write a lengthy and boring exposition on it, I thought it might be curious if I posted instead a quick stream of thought which led to it.

Just follow the page down and you’ll see exactly (or almost exactly) what has gone through my head during my journey to my current political and social leanings!


Secular British Education

Hm! Biology is interesting.

So that’s how that works! I wonder how other things work too.

What do you mean what religion do I belong to?

History is fascinating.

History of the Islamic Empire. Wow, bloodthirsty.

Spanish Inquisition in History class. They did what with the Jews?

Physics. Getting mystical with quarks and cosmology.

Ah, so I’m an Orthodox Christian you say? OK then. I might as well find out what that means. Pick up Bible. 

Hang on a second, that’s not how the Earth was created…

God is a pretty sick character.

Bad day. Is there a God?

The Socialists want to do what with the economy?

The Conservatives want to do what with my civil liberties?

Libertarianism on Wikipedia. Go civil liberties! Go free market!

Reading about Buddhism. If there is a God, surely he is a form of enlightenment different to each person.

Read Gnostic Gospels. Huh?

Mo’ Science and Maths. These things can explain the world pretty nicely!

Read the God Delusion. Zen moment.

Openly declared a scientific atheist with an Eastern Orthodox heritage (and proud of it).

The brevity of life gives me a reason to wake up each day at 7 in the morning, eager to take advantage of the opportunities 15-16 hours (or more) can give me.

Damn, I’m going to get a ticket for parking there. I’ll handle that problem when it comes, if it comes.

Vietnam. Mind is blown.

I’m pragmatic, yet very idealistic. I’m a libertarian with many economically conservative and socially liberal ideas. I’m an atheist but I still go to the Christian Orthodox Church on special occasions with my family.

Pragmatic Carpe Diemism.

Live each day to the fullest without losing sight of where you’re going or where you’ve come from.

Just a few thoughts to keep all (13 apparently) of my readers warm for a while.


6 Responses

  1. I’ve been reading your stuff on my RSS reader instead of clicking here. So, I guess you have at least 14 readers.

    Everything you said makes sense and some of it seems kind hearted with the exception of mentioning mysticism and physics together. I don’t see the connection. That isn’t a request to explain. It isn’t a request to not explain either.

  2. Some of that physics hocus pokus is pretty magical.

  3. bongo: Perhaps mysticism isn’t the right word. But the world of quarks and subatomic particles as well as that of cosmology has a certain eerie ‘Stonehenge’ feel to it, if you know what I mean. It’s very strange, that would be an appropriate word.

  4. I haven’t ever been to Stonehenge so I’m not sure of the feel of the place. I suspect I know what you mean anyway though. Perhaps it is that I don’t take modern cosmology very seriously. I think there are great flights of fancy in it. That doesn’t mean that I have a better model. I don’t. I’m quite content to say to myself, “I don’t know how the universe came to be the way it is nor do I know how big it is.”

    For me QM feels a whole lot like classical mechanics which in turn strikes me as a formalized version of common sense. The whole thing with a particle being described by a point in Hilbert space moving deterministically according to some rules (i.e. a system of partial differential equations) and observations being projection operators seems fairly reasonable. Looking at something and not looking at something strike me as pretty different activities and having the mathematical descriptions be different matches that intuition.

    I think I want to close this comment with something more positive. I really like that you said, “Hm! Biology is interesting.” I like to say almost exactly the same thing. I think the only differences are that I use three ‘m’s and no exclamation point. I feel that sentiments are the same though.

  5. concept of god is unbelieable. people around world waste time and energy in finding out god. find our inter mind and energy, you think ou get it. do not be afraid of yourself. no supernatural or else not thinkable will help. people in this life and around the world will help each other. throw the god out of the world. find out human element, philosophy and humanity in the mankind.

  6. Live each day to the fullest without losing sight of where you’re going or where you’ve come from.

    This quote is actually good. This tells me something like “be able to remember your history, and be able to assess your future,” which is what I’m doing right now.

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