Our Mission

The Gospel of Reason documents articles of opinion written while bearing in mind the following:

  1. Science in face of rhetoric
  2. Logic in face of emotion
  3. Honesty in face of manipulation
  4. Beauty in knowledge in face of fear in ignorance

The writer is an atheist with an Eastern Orthodox heritage who likes to think of himself as a man of science (as opposed to a woman of science, he is fairly sure of this). A student of science, he is frustrated by the level of pseudoscience and manipulation vomited daily and the willingness of people to swallow it hook, line and sinker.

I’m opening up my personal email address to anyone who wished to contact me for any endeavour. I, of course, you wish to insult me personally, please just leave a comment here. I promise I’ll take it into account, but I really don’t want it in the email. Kthnx.


28 Responses

  1. Interesting proposition for a blog. It makes for some interesting reading. Thanks for this resource.

  2. No problemo! Glad to be read.

  3. You may want to take a look at this page which answers these questions.

    1. I’ve heard that carbon-14 dating cannot really be trusted to give accurate dates.

    2. Is it possible that the moment of creation may be more recent because the mountains have not eroded away?

    3. Why worry about the scientific accuracy of the Bible when it is clear that science and religion never mix anyway?

    4. What I want is absolute proof for the existence of God. Why can’t any Christian give that to me?

    5. I keep running into people who claim that Armageddon is just around the corner. But people having been saying that for decades. What do you think?

    Here’s the link: http://www.swordandspirit.com/LIBRARY/FAQS/Q01_05.php#q1

    You have a great site…hope to hear from you!


  4. My humble answers on the spur of the moment:

    1.- Even if carbon-14 dating has an accountable error margin, there are far more ways to date rocks and fossils than only carbon-14.

    2.- I live in Spain. Spain is the second highest country in Europe after Switzerland, but as any tourist will tell you, it’s all flat. That’s because Spain used to be the continuation of a mountain range that stretched from Africa (and remains there as the Atlas mountains) well into the Massif Central in France today. Spain is littered with mountains, but the overwhelming majority of its territory is, well, eroded mountain. Other mountains, such as the Himalayas, were not ‘there’ to begin with, but are quite literally the product of a continental collision. The Himalayas are growing, for example.

    3.- I’m not worrying about the scientific accuracy of the Bible – for a book which violates practically every physical law it’s no more science than any other bronze age myth.

    4.- Because the existence of God is statistically negligible.

    5.- Armageddon as the Earth will know it will come in somewhere near 5 billion years, once our star goes Nova.

  5. eltower. it is easy to construct arguments from the extremes. there are plenty of people of faith who are rationale, considered, love beauty and honesty, decry fear and superstition, think logically etc. Faith and honesty, faith and logic, faith and wisdom etc are not incompatible. Sure, at the extremes, they appear that way, but you are conveniently skipping over a huge middle ground. It seems to me you are in danger of falling at the atheist extreme, which is just as violent a positon as the religious extreme.

  6. Certainly, love, beauty and honesty are compatible with faith. Faith sometimes demands love of something which perhaps does not deserve it (Hitler’s Pope, anyone?). However, faith and lack of superstition are not necessarily compatible.

    However, there is a danger in appealing to the shadow that is atheist extremism. If you wanted to find an atheist extremist, who forbade religion and enforced secularism with military might, look no further than the communists – people for whom I have nothing but the utmost disrespect, out of personal experience (I remind readers I am Eastern European of origin. Neither fascism nor communism inspire anything other than hatred in me).

    Other than that, the Gospel of Reason presents what is purely the middle ground. I aspire to write articles always with the following guidelines in mind:

    1. Science in face of rhetoric
    2. Logic in face of emotion
    3. Honesty in face of manipulation
    4. Beauty in knowledge in face of fear in ignorance

    How this is the top of a slippery slope to extremism is lost on me right now.

    Thanks for reading!

  7. Christianity has a particular problem with it’s concept of sacrifice.

    If Jesus was convinced of immortality and even continued corporeal existence, then the “sacrifice” wasn’t such a biggie, and therefore has no redemptive power.

    See my post for details

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  9. GREAT website, this is the kind of thing I love (and write about occasionally) on my blog. I put my link below and I blogrolled you.

    I noticed you also blogrolled Agnostic Atheism (a website where I am the only Theist contributor).



  10. I love your information, and am passing it along to a good friend (who also vehimately argues the scientific “proof” of the Bible). We’ve decided (my friend and I) that at the end of the day, “faith” is not a scientific computation. “The Church” has tried to control people by forcing them to make faith a constant, controllable substance — something I doubt God asks us to do. Yes, I believe in God. But I’m also not about to force feed my belief to others — and I appreciate “thinking” people, regardless of their belief.

  11. You have an interesting blog (with a sudden boost of traffic). God bless.

    More fire!

  12. My perception of you is that your just another Jewish Talmudist with a formidable knowledge of Torah and antichristian Talmudism behind and that you use them as tools to spite religion,especially the Christian one.
    You seem to be the sadly brainwashed one hiding Judaism behind atheism.
    And where did you athiests ever get the idea that Christians think the earth is only 6,000 years old? That comes from Judaism. Check out the “Jewish” calender sometime. So why dont you target them instead?

  13. Judaism is an interesting one.
    Isn’t that about that guy Judas that is said to have betrayed Jesus?

    You see, I always find the ending of Jesus’ life interesting as you can find a lot of sources that claim to have proof that he wasn’t even crucified, he had children and died of old age. Now that really hurts if that were true. And if it was ever found to be true than a lot of people owe Judas a sincere apology.

    And it is funny how it seems that most of the power behind Christianity is derived from the miracles Jesus performed and his rise from the dead. It clearly indicates that many people missed exactly that what was most important about Jesus: Not his miracles, not his death, but his living and his teachings.

    For me his teachings stand without all that miracle nonsense.

    And ‘bgraef’ you taking such offense in this blog indicates to me that your faith in Jesus his teachings is weak! Or perhaps non existent. Instead you seem to hang a lot on miracles etc, why else be so defensive?

  14. bgraef: My knowledge of Judaism is very weak. Being someone who refuses to talk about that which he does not know of, I couldn’t in all good conscience talk about Judaism. If you want to read Jew-bashing, I’ve heard of a rather notorious book written some time ago, but it’s in German.

    For what it’s worth, I’m not ‘targeting’ Christianity. I’m not targeting anything! I’m promoting:


    As with everything, my life is a constant journey of learning so every time I learn something new I will feel more capable of talking about it.

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  16. Fascinating blog. I am a very devout Christian that loves to hear different points of view, not because I enjoy argument or debate (because I dont), but rather because it helps me question and put through the fire what I believe and why. I do appreciate your outlook!




    communal living

    So I am confused why communism upsets you so. Perhaps you mean to say “ruthless dictators under the guise of communism”.

    I’m thinking, although I admit I am no expert on the subject, that communism is an inevitability if we wish to live. OR fascism. One or the other, and communism sounds nicer. Free market just kills everything. Corporations are legal entities without moral obligation… so they’ll burn the whole earth if it makes money. The only goal of a corporation is to profit. That is a scary entity with a lot of money and power.

    Once you make laws to govern it, you are now heading in the direction of communism: the people make laws to control the corporations = socialism, which leads to communism eventually in the Marxist theory of it. The socialism part is happening now: Who would have thought that the U.S.A federal government would take over 25 banks and own majority share of GM? My grandfather would shit a brick if he were alive today! LOL

    There isn’t enough earth to go around for us all to have everything we want. Economics: slaking the thirst of unlimited want with limited, finite resources. Logically we will die out if we don’t work together and share what is limited, and a species that is more compassionate towards others would emerge. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want to lose the species race so let’s try compassion out and see out it fits, eh?

    If you believe in evolution, then you should know that morality is a result of it, thus the morality of not destroying the planet via capitalism is a necessary step. The only argument is whether or not capitalism is destroying the earth, and I don’t find it hard to provide evidence for this. Capitalism is killing the planet, and also exploiting humans in countries all around the world.

  18. What in god’s name are you talking about man.

  19. >> What in god’s name are you talking about man…

    LOL. That was so clearly the correct response…

  20. Not only is the evidence of god (or any other supreme being) purely anecdotal, I can also make a point that the practice of Christianity is in fact, evil. The recent events where a young high school student was brutally gang raped while onlookers stood by watching doing nothing led to this train of thought. Supposedly, there were onlookers who were not participating who did nothing to help this poor girl. They did not try to stop the attack. They could not even be bothered to use their cell phones to call the police. In fact, some took pictures and video with the cell phones they could have used to call police with. There are more than a few people now who would willingly hang the onlookers along with the criminals for not doing anything. Now, suppose that what we are told about God is true. God “watches over us.” He “protects us.” He is “everywhere.” Essentially God stood by and watched this girl get raped and did nothing. This is only one of many instances in which God did nothing to prevent or help a tragedy. Essentially, either God isn’t as powerful as people would have us believe, or he is just plain evil. To be all powerful, have the ability to stop things like this and do absolutely nothing about it is completely morally reprehensible. Then again, four of the Ten Commandments have to do with assuaging God’s incredible ego and none are against rape (or child molestation, for that matter.) Coincidentally, it could be argued quite reasonably that Man created God in his image, not the other way around. A point that was also pointed out on the inside sleeve of a Jethro Tull album. Jealousy is, after all, a human trait, is it not?

  21. Atheism makes no sense what so ever. Why rant and rail and set up websites against a god you don’t even believe in? That would be like me setting up and paying for a campaign for people to stop believing in aliens even though they don’t exist. Or putting out tv commercials to try and persuade my 3 year old to not believe in the monster under the bed because she is afraid. That is ludicrous, and so is Atheism and so is this blog. The one reason why this blog exists and atheism in general exists is because you all KNOW in your heart of hearts God exists. You know one day you will meet your maker when you die. And no amount of ranting on this site will save you from or on that day.

  22. I tell you why we rant against religion. Unfortunately, we live in a world dominated by religion and all the senseless stupidity it entails. More people are killed and tortured in the name of God than anything else. Please go ahead and claim Hitler was an Atheist, and that might possibly be true, but he knew what he was doing playing on the Lutheran proclivities of the German populace in getting them to help exterminate the Jews. After all, Luther blamed the Jews for the death of Jesus Christ (who never existed coincidentally.) When we can have people evolve to the point where logic and reason dominate instead of arbitrary rules created in the Bronze Age by people who believed the sun revolved around the Earth, believed in sea monsters and a guy living in a giant fish for three days among the many other fanciful tales of nonsense, then maybe we actually can have a better world. You can threaten me with the “wrath of God” all you want, but that is like telling me Santa Claus won’t be coming down my chimney this year because I said a bad word or something. Big deal.

  23. If god exist he is a fucking swine !

  24. As George Carlin once said,
    “Something is wrong here: War, disease, death, destruction, hunger, filth, poverty, torture, crime, corruption and the Ice Capades. Something is definitely wrong. This is not good work. If this is the best God can do, I am not impressed. Results like these do not belong on the resume of a supreme being. This is the kinda shit you’d expect from an office temp with a bad attitude.”

  25. “The one reason why this blog exists and atheism in general exists is because you all KNOW in your heart of hearts God exists. You know one day you will meet your maker when you die. .”

    and also please please remember that if you dont fall asleep then the tooth fairy will never come!

    come on guys this is important stuff….

    p.s any one want to come hunting for the loch ness monster?

  26. Science is not a thing, it’s a process that man discovered; it already existed. Man’s further findings using the scientific method should teach us humility, not hubris.

  27. It’s a relief to find soneome who can explain things so well

  28. Please send bible 2335 crooks st ashland ky 41101

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