Atheist Blogroll

The impenetrable length of the blogroll forces me to post the links here. Every single one has a juicy, tempting title. The one’s I’ve actually read are on my main Blogroll.

(parenthetical remarks)


10,000 Reasons to Doubt the Fish

A Load of Bright

A Night on the Tiles

A Rational Being

A Whore in the Temple of Reason



About: Agnosticism / Atheism

Abstract Nonsense


Action Skeptics


After Faith

Agnostic Atheism

Agnostic Mom


aidan maconachy blog

Alien Atheist

Amused Muse**New

Angry Astronomer


Atheism Online

Atheist Blogs Aggregated

Atheist Ethicist

Atheist Ethics

Atheist Girl

Atheist in a mini van.

Atheist Movies

Atheist Revolution

Atheist Says What

Atheist Self Blog


Austin Atheist Anonymous

Babble, bullshit, blasphemy and being.

Bay of Fundie

Beaman’s World

Beep! Beep! It’s Me.

Bible Study for Atheists


Bill’s View


bits of starstuff

Black Sun Journal


Blog of the Gods

Born Again Atheist

Buridan’s Ass


Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Circular Reasoning

Confessions of an Anonymous Coward

Cosmic Variance

Crazy Christian Chain Emails

Culture for all

Dark Christianity

Darwin’s Dagger

Daylight Atheism

Debunking Christianity

Deep Thoughts

Deeply Blasphemous

Desperately Seeking Ethics and Reason – An autistic Vulcan’s quest for sense in a senseless world

Die Eigenheit


discernible chaos

Disgusted Beyond Belief

Dispatches from the Culture Wars

Dr. Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge

Drunken Tune

Dubito Ergo Sum

Duplicitous Primates

Dwindling In Unbelief

Edifying Spectacle

Edward T. Babinski

Elaine Vigneault

Everyday Humanist**New

Everything Is Pointless

Evolution 101



Exmormon novel

Expired Convictions

Explicit Atheist

Fish Wars on Cars


Frank the Financially Savvy Atheist

Frasch Ideas

Free Mind Joe

Freethought Weekly

Friendly Atheist

Fundie Watch


Gandire libera in context urban

Get Busy Livin’, or Get Busy Bloggin’

God is for Suckers!

Godless Kiwi



Golden Kobold

Goosing the Antithesis

Gratuitous Common Sense

Greg Hartnett

Hellbound Alleee

hell’s handmaiden**New

High Maintenance Hags

In Defence Of Reason

Incessant Expressions

Indian Skeptic


Jewish Atheist

Kill The Afterlife

King Aardvark

Klaas Acts

Leicester Secularist

Let There Be Light

Letters from a broad

Liberal Debutante

Life & Otherwise

Life, the Universe and Everything

Logical Cloud – Polite Atheism

Lord J-Bar For Democracy, Not Theocracy

lynn’s daughter, thinking

Martian Anthropologist

Masala Skeptic

Meet An Atheist

Memoirs of a (G)a(y)theist

Memoirs of an ex-Christian


Mike’s Weekly Skeptic Rant


mister jebs blog

My Case Against God

Neural Gourmet

No Double Standards

No More Hornets

No more Mr. Nice Guy!


North Alabama Rant




Onwards and Forwards



Philosophers’ Playground

Planet Atheism

Pooflingers Anonymous

Primordial Blog

Quintessential Rambling

Ramblings of an Atheist Undergrad**New

Rank Atheism**New

Religion is Bullshit !


Rev. BigDumbChimp

Rideo ergo sum

Robert’s Thought’s

Ron’s Rants

Rupture the Rapture

Saint Gasoline

Sans God**New

Scientia Natura


Secular Humanism with a human face

See For Yourself

Silly Humans

Skeptic Rant


So long, and thanks for all the guilt!

Stardust Musings and Thoughts for the Freethinker

Staring At Empty Pages

Steven Carr’s Blog

Strange Land


Talk Reason

The Affable Atheist

The Ain’t-Christian**New

The Apostate

The Atheist Effect

The Atheist Experience

The Atheist Jew**New

The Atheist Jewish Zen Buddhist

The Atheist Mama

The Atheologist

The Barefoot Bum

The Blasphemous

The Blog of M’Gath

The Chronicles of Gorthos

The Daily Cat Chase

The Evangelical Atheist

The Fundy Post

The Gay Black Jew

The Great Realization

The Greenbelt

The Homeless Atheist

The Honest Doubter

The Humanist Observer

The Incomer

The Jewish Atheist

The Labour Humanist

The Libertarian Defender

The Lippard Blog

the LITTLE things

The Mary Blog

The New Atheist

The O Project | Humanists working to do good. Working with others

The One With Aldacron

The Pagan Prattle Online

The Panda’s Thumb

The Passionate Atheist

the post-bicameral mind

The Questionable Authority

The Raving Atheist

the right of reason

the Science Ethicist

The Science Pundit

The Second Mouses Guide to Life

The Secular Outpost

The Skeptic Review

The Thermal Vent

The Uncredible Hallq

These Twisted Times

They Promised Us Jetpacks and We Got Blogs


Toxic thought waste site


Ungodly Cynic

United Freethinkers

Unscrewing The Inscrutable

Uri Kalish – Urikalization

Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

View From Earth

Villa Nandes

Way of the Mind

Why Dont You Blog?**New

Without Gods

Zeemy’s Paradigm

Zen Curmudgeon


10 Responses

  1. Add me.

  2. Here you go, I use the Atheist Blogroll. I’ll update it every once in a while:

  3. Hm. How did you make the Blogroll code work with restrictions?

  4. Er, I’ll confess I didn’t. I just copy pasted a list. I’ll have to update it manually every once in a while, which is a bitch.

    I’d rather have a neat-ish, trimmed and personal list in my blogroll than have all 2 billion entries making the length of my blog column longer than the Great Wall.

  5. *Shameless plug alert* I do enjoy reading your blogs, I myself have just written something you may find interesting:

    If you like it, and the overall tone of my blog, feel; free to add me to your atheist blogroll. It’s not what my blog is mostly about so I’ve not mentioned in previous comments, however I am an atheist. And I do blog. đŸ™‚

  6. […] Atheist Blogroll « Gospel of Reason Atheist Blogroll « Gospel of Reason […]

  7. Thanks for a good list to peruse.

  8. It’s kind of outdated now though, I really should get it fixed with the latest and greatest from

  9. Add me too !

  10. Throw mine in as well, if you don’t mind:

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